In this secion you set the key parameters relating to the local Stagebox.

There are 4 tabs each one shown below with explanation of key fields:

This section shows some key information about the local Stagebox that will be required if you want to identify the Stagebox and firmware build on a support call for example.

All the boxes on this tab are READ ONLY and cannot be changed here.


This important section is where you must enter the parameters that define how this Stagebox will appear on the network. Here you can change the default values to give this Stagebox a unique hostname and IP address so that it can be identifed on the network. You also have the option to select a different subnet address range (netmask) and Gateway.

The default settings for Stagebox are:

  • IP mode = Static
  • IP address =
  • Netmask =
  • Gateway =

The settings shown above are typical on a local network but your IT administrator might want to assign specific IP addresses and address ranges to avoid conflict on larger systems.


The WiFi port is available for configuring the local Stagebox and gives you access to exactly the same web interface you can see through the wired network.

The IP address for the WiFi is 192.168.xx.yy – where xx.yy are the last four digits of the Stagebox serial number.

Stagebox uses an ad-hoc wireless connection to a PC or Tablet. To connect you should open your wireless network settings and select “stagebox-wifi” or any given SSID chosen in this tab. You can then open your browser and enter the IP address or local stagebox local.

In this section you can configure the WiFi options and choose to enable or disable Wifi if preferred.

It is possible to access Stagebox through a SSH terminal and you can select a password here. This is an advanced service option only and not recommended in normal use.