A receiving Stagebox is able to monitor and report on the quality and performance of the incoming stream. This allows the user to monitor the link quality and to debug issues related to the operation of the network.

To activate performance monitoring you need first to enable the graphs in the setup tab. Here you can choose to monitor and particular element of the Stagebox stream independently, from video down to camera control.

Stagebox also removes duplicate packets and applies packet re-ordering to compensate for network errors. Note that unless you are using a build with Forward Error Correction (FEC), Stagebox is not able to correct missing packets. In the Setup tab you can choose to monitor before the performance block to test the raw network statistics or after the performance block to measure how well Stagebox is handling incoming errors.

Performance setup

The quickest way to make sure that your network is delivering data to the Stagebox with an adequate bandwidth is to use the Bandwidth graph. As you can see from the example below, the Stagebox stream adapts to the requirement of the incoming video signal and reduces speed with fixed content or lower resolution.

Performance bandwidth