The Engineering options in this section are an important part of the Stagebox setup. They will allow you to choose the build option for the version of Stagebox that matches your application, to make sure you have the latest firmware relaease and to save your setting which can be re-loaded at a later date or used to help with debug and support issues.

There are 6 tabs each, each one shown below with an explanation of key fields:

The alarms in this tab will highlight any issues with synchronisation, buffer control and over-temperature.


The main functionality of Stagebox is controlled by a combination of firmware and software which allow for different build options, in turn allowing one hardware platform to satisfy a wide range of applications.

Mode of operation

Currently there are three main modes of operation and they are selected in this tab. Changing these options requires a full system re-boot which will occur when you press to save the changes.

  • Bi-Directional
    • 4 channels of embedded audio
  • Transmit only
    • 16 channels of embedded audio
  • Receive only
    • 16 channels of embedded audio and packet re-ordering capability


This sets the Stagebox to the frequency used in your area of operation. There are significant differences between 50Hz and 60Hz operation and changing between the two modes which requires the Stagebox to reboot.


Firmware upgrades are available on the Stagebox website Please register for upgrades to make sure you are kept up-to-date on the latest releases and options.

The downloaded file contains both the software and firmware in a zipped file. You should download the file to a folder on your PC and select that file by pressing Choose File in this tab. The file, whith the format stagebox_sxxx_fxxx.tar will extract and upload automatically.

Note that the Stagebox might take longer than usual to configure and reboot after a firmware upgrade.


This tab has the options to restart the Stagebox, or revert to factory settings, which is useful for debug and support. It is a good idea to save your settings before selecting factory reset, so they can be re-loaded if required. See save tab


All the parameters you set in the webpage are saved when you turn off your Stagebox. If you anticipate needing a factory reset or if you change your settings for a different shoot and later want to return to this complete set of configuration parameters, you can save and restore the data here.

Stagebox configuration files are saved with the format stagebox_configuration.json


This is an advanced debug option designed for use by the manufacturer.