Stagebox has been designed to be simple to configure through a simple web interface but also to be easily integrated into larger third party control systems using an open RESTful API interface.

Web Interface

In order to configure Stagebox you first need to connect to its web server home page. Unless you intend to keep settings from an earlier configuration, it is recommended to reset the Stagebox to factory defaults by pressing the reset button for 15 seconds or until the tally lights turn on.

The default IP address for Stagebox is and the preferred browser is Chrome


There are two ways of accessing the web page, either through the wired Gigabit Ethernet connection or by using WiFi.


  • Connect your PC either directly to the Stagebox or through a network switch
  • If the Stagebox is new or still has the default settings your PC should connect using its DHCP configuration if not you might have to set your PC to a static IP.
    • Open your network interface settings and select a static IP address on IPV4 (show me how)
  • In your browser either enter the IP address for the Stagebox or the link local name
    2. http://stagebox.local


By default the Stagebox WiFi will be enabled but if it has been disabled by a user you will only be able to access the Stagebox web page through the wired connection

  • Make sure WiFi is enabled on your PC and the Stagebox
  • Open the WiFi settings on your PC and connect to “stagebox-wifi” with no password
  • in your browser enter either the IP address for the Stagebox or the link local name
    1. http://192.168.xx.yy
      (where xxyy are the last four digits of the serial number printed on the back of the Stagebox)
    2. http://stagebox.local

You will now see the main web page menu which is split into four main sections. Click on the image below for more information on how each section is configured.