With the ever increasing bandwidth available on modern networks, providers are able to guarantee links with very low jitter and practically no lost packets. On such networks Stagebox can be operated in low latency mode without the overhead required for jitter resilience and the increased bandwidth resulting from the redundancy in all FEC schemes.

Often though, Stagebox users want to achieve high bandwidth wireless connectivity for the “last mile” and these links often exhibit large packet loss and high jitter performance.

One such link is the  airFiber 24 Gigabit Ethernet link from Ubiquity. This is an excellent radio solution providing good range (we tested up to 2km) and stable bandwidth (we saw sustained rates of 900 Mbps) at a very reasonable cost, but we did need to use the Stagebox high resilience FEC option to achieve stable performance.

So now there really is a reliable way to transport high quality HD images, camera control and intercom across a gigabit wireless network which is easy and quick to install and for very little cost.