Stagebox can be used to create a virtual outside broadcast (OB) capability using multiple cameras controlled remotely from anywhere with an Internet connection, creating significant improvements to workflow efficiency. This IP-based technology is particularly beneficial for large OB operations, including major sporting events and important social or cultural occasions, where production workflows and resource needs are complex and challenging.

The cost of production and post-production work is dramatically reduced using Stagebox, as the technology uses low-cost and almost ubiquitous Cat6 Gigabit Ethernet networking wiring, switches and routers, rather than using relatively expensive SDI (Serial Digital Interface) networks. SDI is a standard for digital video transmission over coaxial cable.

Production tools – such as vision mixers, ARC devices and colour correctors – are also ‘virtualised’ meaning post-production is uploaded on networks far faster. This means HD feeds can be captured in real-time, recorded into editable files on the fly, and post production can start instantly with no additional SDI routing, recording, or transcoding costs.