Stagebox can equally be used to broadcast on-the-fly in spontaneous or planned broadcast situations such as corporate presentations, press conferences or breaking news events. Simply attach the Stagebox camera back unit to multiple cameras and connect these to an Ethernet switch to stream the footage to a computer for live edits locally or at a remote location. Workflow efficiency is again hugely improved.

Combining multiple cumbersome cables into one small box, Stagebox is a compact unit that takes HD video and audio from a camera or other SDI sources, together with Genlock, timecode, tally, talkback and camera control information, and transmits it over a time-synchronised network using standard IP protocols.

In a Stagebox-enabled production environment, high-quality 100Mbps AVCi programme content is made instantaneously available across a local or wide area network, integrating seamlessly into the post-production workflow in a format that allows direct editing or storage without loss of quality through transcoding.