We’ve added support for the Ikegami Camera Control Protocol (ICCP) to Stagebox so now you can remotely rack an Ikegami camera over an IP link with accurate and low latency control. Stagebox seamlessly passes all commands from the OCP providing all the same functionality as a traditional wired connection.

We are pleased to add this popular range of high quality broadcast cameras to the list of devices we can now control over the internet. Customer feedback on the remote racking capability has been overwhelmingly positive, largely down to low latency control (approximately two frames) coupled with high quality video from the AVCi 100 4:2:2 10bit CODEC used by Stagebox.

Camera Control data can follow the media stream using the same IP address or can be directed to independent send / receive addresses on your control network. Unicast and source specific multicast addressing is also possible.

Cables are available for Camera end and OCP end of the connection, usually sold in pairs and with 2m of cable. Bespoke cables are also available, please contact us for details.