Typhoon Ingest Card

The Stagebox Typhoon card massively increases the cost effectiveness and flexibility of a Stagebox based workflow. By removing the concept of a base station or end-to-end Stagebox topology, Typhoon performs a reliable hardware decode and ingest for up to 4 Stagebox streams without overloading your server’s processor, even with low cost server systems.

The Stagebox Typhoon PCIe card accepts up to 4 Stagebox streams which it hardware decodes to SDI and which are also delivered as compressed and raw video data across the PCIe bus. Perfoming the AVCi decode in FPGA hardware reduces the demand on your computer’s host processor, allowing the use of entry level PC hardware whilst ensuring reliable high quality picture decoding.

Stagebox Typhoon use case

Up to four Stageboxes can be connected over a local network or IT infrastructure and then connected to a server with a Typhoon card to decode and store the streams. Two Typhoon cards can be fitted allowing the reception of up to eight Stagebox streams.

Typhoon comes with a WIndows network interface driver which means you can configure it just like any other NIC card. Apart from configuration the four SDI outputs are independant of the PC software and will give you a reliable decoded SDI stream for connection to an existing SDI workflow

Quadrus Stagebox Ingest captures multiple Stagebox streams for multi-channel recording and production. Quadrus Stagebox Ingest creates native Avid MXF and MOV formatted files that can be used directly for multi-camera editing and broadcast.