Whether you’re streaming live video in situ or planning complex OB in many locations, Stagebox delivers.

Stagebox is a compact unit that clips onto the back of a professional video camera using a standard (V-lock) connector. Stagebox combines all of the camera interfaces – high-definition digital video (SDI), audio and camera control – into a single, Ethernet-compliant (Cat5 or Cat6) network connection. Uniquely, it also handles generator locking (Genlock), whereby a reference signal synchronizes the video signal from multiple cameras.

Cameras no longer need to be manned; they can be controlled from, and their outputs fed to, anywhere with a decent internet connection. In some circumstances, outside broadcast vans can be eliminated and within large studio complexes there’s no need to have staff at every camera location.

Watch this video to learn how the technology works and how the BBC benefited from the use of Stagebox at Glastonbury 2013.